30 Days of Quality Day 8: Building Quality In

On Day 8 of 30 Days of Quality we’re back to working with the team:

Sit with your team and find out how you’re building ‘Quality’ into their work

What did you discover?

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This was an interesting conversation to have with the team.
The resulting responses were the following items:

  • Learn about being a tester and learning about the product I’m testing
  • Use TestSphere cards as guides
  • Setting priorities to bugs helps me think about workarouns and I can also check if those are working. Plus, when reporting a bug, the picture is clearer
  • Learning basis to programming (html/JavaScript) and APIs in order to move from Manual Testing to Automation Testing. Not alsoAPI knowledge.
  • Keep learning about Integration testing / UAT . Analyze Specs ahead of time. Think about possible outcomes.

I was very happy to discuss this with the team. Their background as testers is shown and they have no problem sharing their ideas and what they want to accomplish. All testers in my team have different levels of experience in different items.

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