99 character talks

(Daniel) #1

You’ve heard of 99 second talks, I bring you 99 character talks!

Anything you want, 99 characters. Go!

(Alex Lee) #2

Copying from Slack thread:

  • Show early testing value with the task ‘build a table’, but don’t say how many should sit around it
  • Automation is a tool to free up creative manual testing. Not a replacement for it or a magic bullet
  • Value isn’t measured at end of sprint, it’s measured when the features have a measurable impact.

(Nina) #3

From the slack thread:

“Hands-on cross-platform (dev) testing is a good way of getting devs into testing, and to find bugs”

(Andrew) #4

Testing is about getting useful feedback about the product, as soon as possible

(Joseph) #5

That that is is that that is not is not is that it it is. But it doesn’t have to be. Speak plainly.

(Gregory Paciga) #6

Automated tests aren’t automated if they don’t run automatically. Don’t make devs ask for feedback.

(Stephen) #7

A developer can test & A tester can develop. Coach each other & you’ll both improve in your domain