A New TestBash Has Been Harvested: TestBash Autumn is Here 🍁

After the huge success of TestBash Spring, we’re excited to announce our next online software testing conference: TestBash Autumn 2023!

TestBash Autumn will be happening on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023 and it will be a two-day conference covering a variety of testing topics on day one, and on day two we will be focusing more on the topics of automation and tools.

During both days of TestBash Autumn we will have:

  • Talks: We will have several talks on the main stage followed by a 30-minute live Q&A on the main stage. We’ve increased the Q&A time due to a large interest from the community in having more time to ask the speakers questions.
  • Ask Me Anything & Panel Discussions: These sessions are very popular as they allow us to learn first-hand from industry leaders and experts and dive deeper into conversations led by the audience.
  • 99-Second Intros: A great way to get a taster on several testing topics, all in 99 seconds each!
  • Feature Spotlights: Unlock the power of your favourite tools and frameworks with these concise videos that spotlight a single feature in a real-world context, helping you develop problem-solving skills along the way.
  • 99-Second Talks: As we say, is not a TestBash if we don’t have the 99-Second Talks! The perfect way to end the day: invite the audience to the main stage to share their knowledge, a story or something they’ve learned during the day, the stage is yours, for 99 seconds!

The Calls For Contribution for all these sessions is now open until the 31st of July and we can’t wait to see all those submissions coming through!

If you want to be a speaker at TestBash Autumn, check all the requirements in each of the open Call for Contributions and feel free to submit more than once and to more than one session type.

TestBash Autumn is open to all our Pro Members and ticketed to those who can’t go Pro right now.

If you are a Pro member, all you need to do is register on the event page.

If you are not a Pro member, you can purchase your ticket here.


Wow, what an event! Looking forward!


:smiley: Yep! We decided on the two-days as we’re merging the Test.bash(); with TestBash Autumn. So basically Day one is all generic testing topics and Day two will be focused on tools and automation.


Is there a way to find out whatr contribution submissions we’ve made? I have a few ideas, and know I have already submitted something - but can’t remember what :innocent:

I don’t want to inundate you with loads of submissions, especially if I’ve already submitted.

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Hi @lgibbs , are you referring to the normal CFP method of submitting abstracts? If so, these can be found on your MoT profile. Head over there and find out about all your previous submissions.
But if you want to check other type of submissions, such as those submitted via our Typeforms, I will need to go to each one manually and search for you name. I believe.
Just let me know and I can go check for you, not a problem.

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Yes please, can you check what I’ve submitted through typeforms? But please don’t go to too much trouble. Thanks xxx

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I’ve DM you with all three I found. Thanks for submitting and good luck!! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello :slight_smile: When will the lineup be available? Thanks!

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Hi Antonella, very soon! I just been a bit side tracked with TestBash UK, but hoping to announce it at the end of this week, beggining of the next at the latest.


Thank you so much Diana! I’ll let my colleagues know :slight_smile:
I hope TestBash UK is as unforgettable as all the previous ones <3 I’ll be having major MOFO and missing you all but enjoying my holidays hehe