A story of two testers

We are not here to make friends by compromising our responsibilities.

True friendships are formed by working towards common good (a better quality software). We may not always agree with each other but we respect each other to make it a good solution for the end users.

:point_down: Here is a conversation between two testers :point_down:

Bob: I talked to developer, he said this is correct behavior as how it’s designed in v2.

Chase: is it designed correctly in this part of the system?

Sky (Not too far in distance) overheard the conversation thought to herself: “correct? Does he even know what that means? Is that what it meant to Chase? Is that what Andy (dev) meant? Those boys are going to have some really fun discussions today…”

Bob: well, it’s not wrong because it didn’t allow the user to continue when they submit the request with a wrong value. Also, the purpose of this test is to check if this error code can be triggered under circumstances. We should just update our test so it’s passing.

Chase :astonished:: ahh~ I don’t think it’s a good idea by making it pass without highlighting this to business first. Business needs to know this bit of the system has changed which they may not be aware of yet. It’s ok if business accepts this undocumented change in v2.

Bob: Andy said it’s different from v1. It’s not a bug.

Chase (deep breath and continued): it may be not a bug. Though personally, I think this is a problem to our users while it’s technically functioning from engineering point of view. The same scenario in v1 the error advises user actual root cause of the problem, while v2 gives you two separate errors. You had to send two requests before you realized the second error is the root cause prevent your action at that particular point in time, not the first error while it’s also an error needs to be corrected.

Bob: hmm~

Chase: it’s like you went to a restaurant and seated with a menu by a waitress. A minute later, second waiter came over and told you the restaurant is closed now. Why it takes two response to tell me the restaurant closes at 11pm? Why can not the first waitress tell me this? Why took two messangers to deliver this piece of important message?

To be continued?

Testers please STOP be too nice and too accommodate to #ByDesign claims

With that said, please still try to be nice with our dev friends but not be TOO nice which may make us lost ourselves and our critical thinking :rofl:

You know what I mean :smirk: