A tool to create test case and not only

If you are looking for a nice tool to help you with your testing check the below video.

It is a really helpfull tool created by Sanjay Kumar which would help you in your manual testing, explaratory testing and even automated tested.

Have a look and write what you think


I wish it as easy to meld web and native test tools and test our apps in integrations.


What is the difference between manual and exploratory testing ? :wink:

I like the basic idea of recording.
I wish this would create an ongoing log at which I can look at any time to see what I did last.
I also like the column “Exp result”. Here I can make notes what my actions where about (maybe “comment” would be better).
Ill take a look if this would work. Sadly I currently have no web app to test.

I would not use it so much as test case studio, that is what I do more high-level and upfront.
I would use it more as reporting tool.

Thanks for showing me this, Ioan!


@conrad.connected and @sebastian_solidwork - May I ask what you guys are testing at this time. Am I the only one doing web testing lately ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I tested web app several times. I changes with the projects and companies I’m at.
I expect web to come back to me.

Currently I’m on a more legacy B2B product with a classic Java client-server infrastructure.
Even here is a web UI planned. :slight_smile:

LOL. I actually choose jobs when I’m looking for work, to be around embedded devices. Almost all of these devices have a web front end. So that’s where my web experience comes from, occasional deeper dives. My greatest hurdle is really learning any Java, and of course controlling browser configuration and obscure configurations. I found some pretty good tutorials on linkedin leanring eventually to be fair.

Anyone can test web apps, from anywhere around the world, so your job could be stolen from you as a web tester at any moment. But embedded and native is much more closed, so feels easier, and I don’t feel that expectation to be the expert. But like Sebastian, web work comes every so often, probably more frequently these days.

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I’m fine with web testing.
It is not my fault when management underestimates the power of being established as tester in your company (having helpful relation and know all the not documented stuff).
Just looking “who can test web” see I dangerous because it lacks all the important, product related, context.


You make a very good point about having product knowledge. On certain large projects I have worked on it can take years to figure out the subtle aspects of a system.

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Types of knowledge new people do not have:

  • product
  • process (when to talk to whom)
  • people (how to talk to whom)

Know-what, Know-why Know-when, Know-where :wink: