Adobe Analytics Test Automation

I was wondering if anyone has automated the checking of adobe analytics events. A large part of my testing involves verifying certain events fire when a user views something, of clicks something, etc. At the moment this verification is entirely manual. I would like to set something up to automate it.
Any help appreciated.

I’ve not dealt with Adobe Analytics, but I did deal with another analytics platform for testing before, forget its name.

The trick here would be to figure out how the events are fired, and how to fire them.

Most often these are javascript objects and calls, and the calls make AJAX requests.

So if you were already using Selenium automation, you could use the javascript executor to query/read the javascript objects/variables to see the state, whether they were triggered, etc. Also use the executor to call/trigger events as needed.

The specific analytics objects or variables will have a certain state to them on event firing, so you just have to verify the state after triggering the event.

To figure things out, you’d have to use the browser developer console and inspect the DOM tree, the network requests that get made, and the javascript/error console to see if anything is happening there. You can also do the javascript queries in the console to test things out before you adapt it into Selenium test code.