Advice for Expectations to Use for Promotion?

In previous non-testing roles I’ve had, there have been metrics or targets to hit in order to be promoted up the ranks within an organisation. Reflecting on this some more, I started to wonder how such things work in the software testing and engineering world (spoiler alert, I’ve never been promoted up the ladder in this field but rather jumped across ladders).

I dislike the term metrics so I’d rather use the phrase expectations for this discussion.

What are some expectations you have seen for software testers and engineers to be promoted up the ladder?

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Hello Heather!

I worked with a manger to help define guidelines for different tester levels. We started with a list of dimensions or competencies common to the testing role (test planning, test design, risk assessment, software development understanding, business understanding, etc.).
For each of the dimensions, we defined expected behaviors from the junior tester level to the test lead level.
In this manner, there was not a check list of items but encouragement to embrace and explore the craft. The manger and the tester could periodically evaluate work products against the behaviors in each dimension. It was not defined as the only source of evaluation; peer feedback was used also.


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This sounds really really good! I love how it wasn’t the only source of evaluation too. Thank you so much for sharing :grin: