Advice needed: What to learn after knowing basics of JS for test automation

Hi all.
So I want to become a automation tester, using JS.
I have learnt the basic of JS and am wondering what to learn next.
Should it be Webdriverio?
Or do I look at Cypress or perhaps Selenium.
Any information on what my learning journey should look like would be greatly appreciated.

I always tell people looking to make the transition to automation that it’s not one or the other, and if you’re going to be a strong automation engineer, you’re going to have a smorgasbord of skills, most notably the ability to learn.

In my experience, the number of jobs you can get where the only thing you have to do is write Selenium tests are few and far between - a strong automation engineer is likely often sorting out some build issues, figuring out how to best integrate with a CI/CD system, figuring out how to get test nodes spun up, build mock dependencies, etc.

Instead of trying to learn a specific tech/topic, I always suggest people start automating their daily routines, and learn organically. Takes some discipline to keep pushing to learn a little bit more, to overcome the next obstacle, but it results in a much stronger skill set than a boot camp in Selenium or the like.

I gave a longer answer on this a few years ago:

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