Agile Pains - war stories & triumphs

Need your input please.

Next month I am co-organising starting a ‘Lean Unwind’ meetup here in Brisbane based on leanpub but I wanted to get ideas around things that may be interesting to discuss if everyone is a bit shy to start. Literally some points of discussion to jolt down as per leanpub format to get the ball rolling.

Now I know you all out there are talented souls so if I can glean off your experiences I would be very grateful. :grinning:

And if you live or are visiting Brisbane look out for our meetup ‘Lean Unwind - Psychology of Agile Scrum’. We are getting the final touches and are looking to have our first meetup early next month. Come over and say Hi!

We have a team of Developers in Brisbane. Send me over the details and I’ll loop them in!

@billkav Will do but just in case we miss each other tell them to search on meetup for Lean Unwind - Psychology of Agile Scrum.
We are going to release it to the meetup next week (for a March 2019 date) and its not far from Central Station at a very upmarket boutique hotel called the Inchcom Hotel. Refreshments are covered and of course if anyone feels the need to continue chatting after the allotted time there is a dinning section of the hotel which attendees can self fund.