Alignment on QE/QA Strategy

I work for a company that experienced tremendous growth for the past 2-3 years. During that time frame it had acquired multiple companies throughout the globe and have now have testers with varying skillsets and experiences ranging from manual QA, QE (have test automation background) to SDETs (develop frameworks and tooling). Though the company has grown, we are still refining our processes in every parts of the company, I liken our process similar to that of a start up. We currently have QE to Dev ratio of 1:10 and not every team have a QA/QE. We’ve embedded the QEs with limited number of teams to enable and support approriate testing approaches. Some have been able to help with automation of test, develop testing tools and framework, and also test individual dev tickets. While others are only able to do 1-2 of the above. This is causing misalignment of expectations from Devs, Mgmt and Test Engineers as expectations of the roles and responsibilities hasn’t been clear. Mgmt wants to eventually shift left and have devs be in responsible for testing but they need guidance and direction how from the test team. Does anyone have such experience in their company, what worked for you? Any suggestion of what a good approach and strategy. Any input is appreciated.


There was a similar post that can be found here. Maybe this might answer some questions for you if you hadn’t seen it.


Thank you, Sean! I will take a look. I also posted the same question in the MOT slack and got some great suggestions!

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