Anchoring - Featured TestSphere Card

(Beren) #1

One hundred cards. One hundred Test-related concepts.
Here on the club, we’ll feature a card from the TestSphere deck for people to write their stories about every month.

I challenge you:
Take a few minutes to think about your experiences with the featured card.

What bugs have you found that are related? Which ones have you missed?
How have you tackled testing for this concept?
What made it difficult or more easy?
What have you learned? What can others learn from your experience?

Take one of those experiences and put it to prose.
Telling your stories is as valuable to yourself as it is to others.

At the start of my career, I was working in a project that was heavily waterfall-ish.
We prepared test cases in Excel, waited for the feature to be thrown over the wall and then start pass/fail-ing all the TC’s. Of course, every single time, we didn’t have enough time to ‘test’ all of them. Plus it didn’t help that it was intellectually suffocating and exceptionally boring.

We’d have to pass/fail the TC’s for the new features, but also for all the other, old feature by way of regression testing.
For these old features, I now realise we were hopelessly influence by the anchoring bias.
We’d have a quick look at the functionality and if it seemed to work for the first few cases, we’d pass all the others too. Because time. Because boredom.

For those that have read Kahneman’s ‘Thinking, fast and slow’, Achoring is very much a bias for our first, quick and intuitive thinking system. You need time, effort and energy to grow past the bias at any one time. If you’re intellectually bored, tired, pressed for time, Anchoring bites you in the butt every single time.

What’s your story?