Android accessibility testing ,tools for automtion

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone share resources on mobile accessibility testing !

Also is there any free open source tools available for automated accessibility testing .

probably drop in via Looking for help with mobile accessibility and then dig into more specific detail as we explore together?

I once used for Android apps, but β€œonly” for checking things manually. Not sure if this app is still active in development and is supporting all the relevant OS versions.

At the same time you can use espresso to check for a11y Menguji aksesibilitas aplikasi  |  App quality  |  Android Developers
or you check this site for an overview
Automated accessibility testing of Android and iOS apps β€” Appt

Hope it helps.


Hi @anindita is a free tool for Android accessibility testing. Disclaimer: I am associated with testRigor.

HI @dnlknott thank you for sharing the resources .
Also if you are aware of any specific library which can be used with the existing automation framework, Do share some reference

Hello, can you share some resources to understand how do we test the accessibility issues in the apps exactly using the tool !

Hi @anindita Absolutely! Here is the video: You can ask more questions in person if you use our request a demo link here: Request a Demo - testRigor Test Automation Tool