Any good test ideas for geocoding?


I am busy testing an application that receives the street name, postal code and country of a user and that should spit out a geocode in long -and latitude.
Been thinking mostly in terms of incorrect address , empty address, syncing same address on 2 different customers etc but I was wondering if someone else has had the opportunity to test this kind of function and if there is anything I could be missing ?

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I am assuming you have looked at these threads Ezra

As always, the actual business value is the thing to be validating your value against.

Hi Conrad,

With shame I must admit I had not read those yet!

Thank you for referring to them!

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Postcode test case design is a popular interview type question, but hope that thread will shed more light on people who may have more pointers for you Ezra. I’m not familiar with the problem domain myself, which is why I suggested looking at how the business uses this data as a way to understand the operational cost and risks for errors. What for example is the tolerance for low accuracy answers which are out by a factor of ~1km on the ground perhaps?