Any UI automation courses that cover more than the technical aspects?

There are lots of courses out there that cover how to set up a web framework for UI-level test automation like Playwright or Cypress and how to interact with various elements, but are there any courses that also help people understand how to write fast, deterministic, meaningful tests?

This is not just a matter of software testing skill in general, but of specific considerations related to UI automation. For example, that if you need to be logged in to test most scenarios, but you’re not specifically testing the login functionality, that you should look at doing the login through an API POST and sustaining the session rather than logging in through the UI before each scenario.

Also, while you could see that example as a “best practice”, what about helping people to think of why they would want to do that and what kind of thinking would help them make good decisions about test design? Even better if it also covers deciding what not to test.

Does this exist?

I really like this course. It goes step by step and covers the basics but not only.

There are also some other courses from him where he improves on this original couse.


I second this course, Adrejs Doronins is a very good instructor.

All he is missing is his own JavaScrip library called AndreJS :smiley:

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Hi @wilcovanesch

This is what we cover in our Learning Journey courses:

They are backed by a curriculum created by the MoT Community and they focus as much on the Why and Design of good automation as it does on the How.

Take a look and if you have any questions, let me know.


That’s excellent. It looks to contain some very valuable things for the teams I work with, though if anything it’s too comprehensive for my purposes.

Hi Mark, can I ask whether the course is presented complete, or as a MOOC-type learning journey and is there instructor support please?

Hi @danuk

We’re considering a cohort/instructor-led version of the course in the future, but not right now. You’ll be presented with all the journey that you can then go through at your leisure.

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Thanks, good to know