Anybody up for an exploratory testing session? :)

Hi :wave:

My name is Julia. I studied computer science but in general I concern myself with trying to make sense (both within technical and social systems).

I bore a title with “test” in it for some time, not anymore though.

I’ve got to know about this community from a former colleague of mine who helped me understand that exploratory testing is cool :slight_smile:, that it does not have to be tied up to the role and can be applied virtually everywhere.

I’ve joined this community to learn, share, help each other and have fun :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve got a personal struggle with CBR - Dutch authority for getting a driver license. I’m extremely unhappy with their website and thought that it might be a great exercise to try to do some paired exploration on this site to understand what’s so bad about it (or are my expectations just a bit too high).

Let me know if you’re up for it :slight_smile:



Is this a government’s website? In my experience those kind of sites are the crappiest! :poop:

It won’t even open:

Here in Bosnia government website suck because they don’t hire the ones with the best offer, they give out jobs to shady companies that have political ties, so for example a Covid Vaccination app is made by some software consulting company that doesn’t even have it’s own website or any real internet presence - and it’s a really buggy app. Similar thing happened in the neighbouring Croatia, where 4000 people got got deleted from the vaccine registration database by some silly error.

Sorry for going on a tangent, but, what I’m trying to say is websites of this kind are usually really bad and they don’t bother to fix thing that someone would report to them. On the other hand, it’s a good learning opportunity to see how websites should not be made! :laughing:

Welcome to MoT @julka

It is Dutch :wink:

But I think they use a location tracker since it worked fine for me (I’m also Dutch). Perhaps you could try to use a VPN? I can’t seem to make a connection either with tools that I run from “the cloud”.

Always happy to do some bug hunting!!
Already got put into a queue on their site (which is weird because I received it after browsing their site for a few minutes?), would love to use a Slow Loris on it! :smiley:

Amazing - Been on spot 16 in the queue for ~30minutes now

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@kristof Right you are, it works when I hide behind a Dutch IP address, it’s a beautiful website :rofl:

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