Ask Me Anything: How to Recruit a Tester

We’re back from our webinar summer break with an Ask Me Anything on the topic of recruiting testers. It was a perfect fit with all of the chatter in the community lately about how to fill roles with the best people. We had a lot of great questions too :slight_smile:

If we didn’t get to your question, why not ask it here? Maybe you’re catching up on the Dojo and have thought of some more questions or follow up ones to those answered by Amy tonight. All questions welcome!

Thanks so much for having me! Had a great time :slight_smile:

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Resources I grabbed during the AMA

Club post referenced during the discussion:

The Halo and Horns effect

“What are some unconventional places/ways to promote a job opening to attract entry-level candidates who might not otherwise even consider a career in testing?”