Assuming all Wordpress users know

Just a reminder really, if you use Wordpress, update often, and if you were hosting on GoDaddy, change your password, like yesterday. (Just your little security industry update channel.)


True :slight_smile: Wordpress is a goldmine for bug bounty hunters.

Follow the Exploit DB and search for Wordpress to stay up to date with latest exploits & vulnerabilities:

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I’ve seen a lot of cases where people install a crazy amount of plugins on their WP site and they’re afraid to update them, or update the WP Core, as they think it will break things. It’s pretty easy to roll back a troublesome plugin to an earlier version, so it’s not much of an excuse to avoid regular updates.

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Mostly just the GoDaddy hosting users, not a WP problem per se, although I am aware it’s not an easy to secure tool.

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Here is another useful website: