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Hi Richard,
Nice initiative. My question is :
We maintain POJOS in the stand alone API test project instead of using a shared library from the main project.
The reason why I preferred to do so is to track the changes in the models and update them in the test project if the model change was indeed intended (like an additional net). This comes with the cost of time for maintenance.
What is the best practise here?

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Hello Richard,

I hope you’re keeping well.

I come from a Web Development background and looking to get into software testing. I have some experience of testing through unit, regression and acceptance testing.

I was scheduled to take the ISTQB foundation exam, but it got cancelled just before the COVID-19 outbreak.

I am in the process of learning Selenium/Webdriver using Java.

My question is, I am having difficulty finding my first Software Testing role. Even applying for Junior Test roles, my application gets rejected! Could you tell me what is the best approach I can take to get that first testing role?

Hi Richard,

What would be the best approach to test Android TV app.

1.Referring this i’ve tried appium with adb commands to achieve the automation but i am facing this challenge when app launches on android TV, communicates with user through remote control so wouldn’t be able to request focus on element e.g if i am on the top of menu item and i need to go to the bottom of menu item then i need to through all items of menu one by one by sending down press commands through adb will this be correct approach ?

2.There are lot of paid tools available but i can’t use those due to pricing issues.