Automation in UAT

Hi all, as some of you may know I work for an insurer. My test team work to ensure that the product we develop and publish work as expected and integrate with the software house (SWH) systems and back office correctly. In this case we are not really testing the SWH platforms themselves, just that they integrate our product correctly…so more akin to acceptance testing.

One of the challenges we have is to automate, we are being pushed (relentlessly) to automate where we can. Because we test on SWH systems we often connect to these via RDP or Citirx, so finding an automation tool has been tricky. In the end we have gone down the route of Leaptest as it appears to fit our requirement and access constraints.

Do any of you have experience in this type of testing specifically in insurance, if so are you willing to share your automation experiences with me? I want to make the most out of the tooling.

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Yes Andy - see this one :wink: