Best tool to test Timezones?

Hi Community!
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In the company, I’m working for (Workplace-Intranet with Sharepoint), we will do a transformation of our Calendar, and I need to play different timezones, depending on the browser and settings of the PC.

Do you know any tools to play around with the timezones in both places without having to change my computer timezone every time for every timezone?

Thanks all!


How about asking the developers for a test function to let you redirect the the time source? So you can set a certain timestamp in file oder database.

If its browser based you can maybe change it in the browsers data?

If your really need to change it externally: How about VM(s) ans scripts for fast changing the timezone?

The very basic question:
How much is it really necessary to change the timezone at the OS?
Sure, this should be tested to work to be adopted.
How about testing more internal functions with simulating other timezones by changing internal data?


Selenium does allow injecting preference data, and I’m suspecting it lets you do this, although no idea where you will go to find the setting for each browser - So a “manually built profile” might be the only way to get it to switch timezones.
Changing computer time-zone is really going to cause issues for many test tooling stacks, and also will not let you change actual computer time either, which is probably a thing you will want to also do. Hence you may want to look at other places you can do these checks at an API level using mocks specific to your platform.