Bug Bash while everyone is remote?


I’d like to organise a Bug Bash event for our team but I’m a bit concerned that It may be hard to make it enjoyable since we are all working remotely…Has anyone organised one during Covid? Any tips are welcome


Since there is a winner of a Bug Bash, he/she who finds most bugs => You could provide some kind of reward for him/her. That way people are eager to play.

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It might make sense to prepare and cover a few exploratory testing principles like specifically the note taking parts; and flesh out the bug-bash goal before you start. I’m keen to know how to structure or not-structure the time allotted.
I have some dogfooding time coming up myself and keen to see if having report-back sessions after an hour are a good way to run this in a few “sessions” to keep it quick and engaging. And also keep it totally fun at the right level to inspire a width of experience testing.

What tools work best for capturing issues? A chat/slack channel, or a online excel sheet?

The work we do in our team covers quite a big area of a website. I haven’t thought about the focus yet. First I need to come up with a process that would suit the current ways of working and be engaging at the same time. For bug recording I’m planning to use a google sheet or doc.

Agree Marta. Keep it constrained. I don’t always like the idea of testing a product based on it’s “features” and doing one at a time, or only testing my teams own features and not other team’s work. But this might be a good one to set a boundary on and make certain features or pages out of bounds or excluded as a way of keeping focus around the key product risks by excluding “non-risk” pages from the bounty.

I would be tempted to give extra score for bugs that are “quick-to-fix” :stuck_out_tongue: .

Rules will be definitely set around the scope, timing and reporting. :slight_smile: My idea is to book 1.30hrs while the first 10mins will be to give the instructions, then 30-35mins bug hunting, 15mins break and last half an hour to spend on triage. I think this is the best way to keep it constrained and will be able to ask questions on the spot re the bugs raised. :male_detective: :female_detective: