Can statistic service be integrated in API?

Does anybody know about the real api service that integrate any statistic service (Facebook, Adjust, etc.)?
Actually, I understand how any statistic SDK can be integrated into a client application (e.g. User’s events in mobile app). Is it useful for server-side of API? If yes, in what cases? Are there any challenges in testing of server-side statistics?


In my opinion, statistic service can be integrated in API. Base on, Google Analytics support it


After searching, I find lots of information about Statistical services and provider supports integration, such as here, it has the API Gallery™ include API paths broken down into topics or search here.

However, I cannot deeply understand unless work in it, but I feel these articles so great.

I also find out some posts about integrate statistics from common data analysis software/language such as R/R Studio, SPSS.

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Thanks a lot :grinning: