Can the community members share any experience from test strategy and test planning for Dayforce implementation (HRIS) in their organisations? Common issues, challenges and risks?

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  • Is the topic title a question? Y
  • Does the topic title include a “question mark”? Y
  • What are you asking of the community? to share experience and feedback
  • How can they help you? by sharing their knowledge I can embed their experiences in my planning
  • What context can you share to increase the likelihood of someone replying to your question? I am working on building test strategy and eventually test plans for HRIS system (Dayforce). Keen to know from others if they have done something similar and what were experiences like.
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Welcome to the most awesome software testing community in the Galaxy, Deepti.

Unfortunately this is a software testing community and you are asking a process question which is rather specific and will very possibly be something nobody here has ever seen. We get these from time to time, don’t worry.

Let me turn it around a bit, since you did ask a clear question anyway. What is specific about this platform that makes you think it would require any different test plan approaches?

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I don’t know anything about that, but have you tried asking Chat GPT or Bard? You might at least get pointed in the right direction, I asked Bard a lot of stuff all the time and often it will provide links to helpful resources.