Can we testers learn something from fiction?

I read a book lately. Not about Testing or Programming, but just fiction. As a software tester, I can learn from that book too. Do you also have read some fiction bookd, movies that learned you something in your professional life?

I created a blog about that:


I think that there’s a lot of legs in this theory.

I’ve always been able to draw parallels from other aspects of life and learn a lot from them in our daily testing lives.

In the latest episode of the Testing Peers podcast, where we talked about testing in 2030, I drew on the Divergent series of books/movies.

I’d be really interested to see what other books that we can learn from.


I wrote a blog post last year about the role of genre literature - detective stories, and in particular, science fiction - in building the tester’s mind-set:

And another one about the treatment of IT in science fiction of the past thirty years, and where authors got it wrong:


This post is so meta, with your reference back to an MoT thread talking about detective novels and such!

Love it!