Code and Framework peer reviews?

Hi everyone!

Firstly really enjoy the club, I learn loads! A great resource, secondly, apologies if this has been asked before…

Does anyone know if, and if so where can I go about having other people review my code and testing frameworks? most of it is just me practicing but I would love to have input (critiques), good bad, the ugly! Suggestions of improvements. Because I think that’s how you best learn!
(to note it would only be my own test examples and never include code/applications that where not my own)

Does anyone know where and how I can go about this?


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Depending on the nature of the work you are testing, and who it is for, check that you CAN do this. You wouldn’t want to share something, and find you have breached an IT Security policy and get fired.

But depending on what you want to share, you could share it directly here, you could host it on Google Drive or Dropbox, and link to it on here as well as other other places such as Twitter, Slack, blog posts.

You may want to think about if you want to expose your work publicly, or instead look for a mentor and build a rapport with them, so you can go into more detail with what you are doing, as well as them offering feedback on what you have done, and their reasoning behind it.


Thanks, I’ve updated the post above. Yep I would never expose anything that wasn’t my own to share or in the rare case I would seek express permission, but I doubt I would share anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing on Github for example.
Ok I’ll take a look around here where would be the best location to post, thanks again.

Not sure if the community collides with the MoT, but StackExchange has a page for Code Review.

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