Considerations When Comparing Automation Frameworks?

With so many automation frameworks available for us to use, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the best fit for your project!

From browser support to general maintainability, there’s a lot on offer :slight_smile:

What are the things you look for when comparing automation frameworks?

By far not a complete list, but here are a few things I look out for:

  • Price (free / one-off / recurring licence)
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Supported programming language(s)
  • Availability of online resources
  • Release cycle
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It depends on the type of application that needs to automated. I usually check the below points along with what’s already mentioned by @pmichielsen

  1. Types of applications that the framework would support - web, mobile, desktop, API
  2. How easy is it for someone new to learn this framework? Is it intuitive and easy
  3. Out of the box support for different type of test data sources - read from file, services, database
  4. How good is the reporting?
  5. Integration with version control and CI CD tools
  6. Cost of purchase
  7. Cost/ Effort to maintain the scripts developed.
  8. Does it support executing tests in parallel? We need fast feedback. So this is important.