Day 25: Watch Getting Back on the Horse After 10 Rejections and summarise your key takeaways

Today’s task involves watching the inspiring talk “Getting Back on the Horse After 10 Rejections” from TestBash Careers and summarizing your key takeaways. In this talk, @maryam, shares her personal journey of job loss and the subsequent search for a new role. Her insights highlight the importance of resilience, self-belief, and the ability to learn from difficult situations.

Task 25:

  1. Watch the talk: Take the time to watch the “Getting Back on the Horse After 10 Rejections” talk by Maryam. Pay close attention to her personal experiences, insights, and practical advice on navigating job loss and the job-hunting process. Take notes on the main ideas and insights that stand out to you.
  2. Identify key takeaways: After watching the talk, identify the takeaways that resonated with you and summarise them. After watching the talk, take some time to reflect on the main ideas and insights that resonated with you. What were the most important lessons you learned from Maryam?
  3. Reflect on your own experiences: Take some time to reflect on your own experiences related to job loss, job hunting, and career challenges. What challenges have you faced? How have you overcome them?
  4. Share and engage: Share your key takeaways and personal reflections with the community. Engage in discussions with fellow participants, offering support, insights, or additional tips based on your own experiences.

Why complete this task?

  1. Develop resilience: The talk by Maryam can help you develop the resilience you need to overcome job rejections and land your dream job.
  2. Gain insights: The talk can give you valuable insights on resilience, self-awareness, and adaptability in the face of career challenges.
  3. Reflect on your own experiences: The task can help you reflect on your own experiences related to job loss, job hunting, and career challenges. This can help you identify the areas where you’ve excelled and areas you can improve.
  4. Learn from others: The task can help you learn from the experiences of others. This can give you new ideas and strategies for overcoming job rejections.

Good talk by @maryam .

I like the kind of topics she picks.

things happen in tech. It’s very frustrating. But in the hard times, you persist, take care and be connected with people who lift you up.

Don’t compromise and get desperate when life gets hard is my takeaway from her talk.

Job Search is frustrating. But build good systems like taking care of your finances always. Dont overspend.

Be yourself and its ok to not be liked by people.

Dont lie to get a job.

Below is a mindmap of her talk and my learnings

Thanks again Maryam


Grate talk that gives you courage and power to continue try to grow your skills and your career.

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I absolutely loved her honesty within this discussion. I’m sure that she knows this, but everyone that has gone through a period of not working feels all sorts of ways, and that a lengthy absence from the field can, at times, really impact your confidence level.

I myself was away from the Testing environment for nearly 10 years! Imagine having many of these situations that happened over multiple years - I even had a failed remote position (only 3 months) that really led me to believe that I would never get back into the industry again. I used to say that my 2nd testing job taught me many things about being at tester at that company , but didn’t give me many skills that I could use within the broader Testing field. So they taught me how to test at that company, but not anywhere else.

My current position is quite different than the other testing jobs that I had, in that I have advocates that are very much vested in both my success, as well as my professional growth. Her outlook that she not lose sight of her goals really resonated with me, although she seemed to be in a much better position to achieve that outcome based on her skillset than I ever was. But I am finally in an environment to change that, and I, for one, plan to take full advantage of those opportunities.

We can find ourselves in those moments of weakness downplaying our own accomplishments and skills and really not be kind to ourselves. Finding that kindness and allowing yourself to apply it can be quite challenging. But moving towards a better, more full career is that much sweeter when you have had a bit of suffering along the way. I don’t wish that upon anyone, but if you happen to experience it, you might as well make it work for you, rather than against you.

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Having faith in your capabilities is the largest takeaway. I completely understood Maryam’s loss of confidence after losing a job and having a lengthy job search.

Reaching out to a trusted colleague can really help with those feelings. Sometimes, you can’t see all the positive attributes you have to offer when you’ve been dealt multiple blows.

I also like Maryam’s idea of getting quotes for your personal website from colleagues. I’m absolutely using that one!

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