Day 27: Attend the Masterclass on "Learning To Lead Before Becoming a Leader" and share your favourite tip

Today’s task is to attend the “Learning To Lead Before Becoming a Leader” Masterclass on developing people management skills, even when it’s not part of your job description. This Masterclass will be led by @prescottlewis707, a Senior QA Engineer, who will share his insights and experiences on the topic.

Task 27

  1. Attend the Masterclass: Attend Learning To Lead Before Becoming a Leader Masterclass today at 7 pm UTC. Pay close attention to the strategies and techniques Lewis shares for developing and practising people management skills. Take note of any particular tips or strategies that stand out to you during the masterclass. You can ask Lewis questions in the Q&A tab as wella s engage with the community in the chat.
  2. Reflect on the content: After attending the masterclass, take some time to reflect on the key concepts and insights discussed. Consider how Lewis’s experiences and advice resonate with your own career aspirations and goals.
  3. Share your favourite tip: In reply to this post, share your favourite tip from the Masterclass with the community. Write a brief summary or explanation of the tip and why it resonated with you. Feel free to provide examples or personal anecdotes to illustrate how you plan to apply the tip in your own career development.

Why complete this task?

  • Professional development: Gain insights and practical strategies to improve leadership abilities.
  • Career advancement: Learn from an experienced professional and increase chances of taking on leadership roles.
  • Networking and learning from others: Connect with other attendees and learn from their perspectives.
  • Self-reflection and growth: Assess current skills and identify areas for improvement.
  • Application in various roles: Principles and strategies can be applied in a wide range of professional contexts.
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Sure a little late in my time. I will try to attend this.

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Nice one @mahatheed.

For those who can’t attend in real time, the recording will be available for Pro Members in the coming weeks. As a side note, here’s the existing catalogue of incredible Masterclasses. Such a brilliant collection of community members.


My favorite idea from the talk was the internal skillsharing platform. Having a place where employees can advertise their skills or needs and potential mentors and mentees can find each other.

I would really like to implement this in our company. Because testers are in several locations we often don’t know that they already have experience with something. Therefore everyone is trying to learn with online courses etc. instead of using internal experience. This could also be a great way to grow closer together, get to know each other.

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For those who missed the live Masterclass, watch “Learning to Lead Before Becoming a Leader” here!