Defect subtasks on Bug tickets

Hello there!
I’m Luci, long term lurker, first time poster!

I’ve been a tester for over 7 years and i’ve recently joined a company that, to me, has an odd approach with regards to bugs and how they are processed through development.

If a bug ticket fails test; we are required to raise defect subtasks detailing each problem.

I am comfortable with this approach for Story tickets, but for Bug tickets; it seems unnatural as i’ve not experienced this at any other place i’ve worked at.

Does this seem like a normal approach to you? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your time!

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Hey Luci,

I guess it’s a bit odd, I never worked like that before but did you ask them why? You might get a more clear answer. Perhaps it’s purely for metrics, time logging, …

Do you have an example of bug & sub-bug? Maybe from fixing 1 bug - 10 other bugs are created and they want to log each one separate? That reminds me of:


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If it’s in a tool like Jira then you can have a workflow transition rule that blocks the parent issue from being closed until all sub-tasks as closed. It can be quite handy to avoid bugs being accidentally closed before all work is completed

Not particularly odd for me. On big projects, with multiple builds and test cycles, we have tried the approach of raising defects as sub tasks to the build task and I thought it worked quite well in terms of tracking defects.

Similar to what’s already been said. An example/ mock up would be useful. Sounds like its setup for task and time tracking to me. Detailing steps needed to close the bug ticket sounds like a decent way to approach it. In theory anyone could pick up the fix and retesting if the card is detailed enough