Discussion: Test Leadership/Management

Later today, @elizafx hosts a brilliant discussion on Test Leadership/Management. She’ll be joined by @scottkenyon, @karime.salomon and @jelletk.

They’ll be an excellent set of questions and typically we won’t always get time for them to be answered. However, we’ll add any questions we didn’t get to here for the discussion panellists to answer.

And if you’d like to continue the conversation, this thread is an excellent place to do that. Share resources and follow up with success stories from your learnings! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

A recording of the discussion will be available for all Pro members. Look out for it on the Discussion Page in the coming days. :movie_camera:


Items shared during the discussion




The session over-ran (in a good way) and there were no unanswered questions. :slight_smile:

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The recording is available at: Discussion: Test Leadership/Management :movie_camera:

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