Do you use log4j in your automation or in your Project?

Important information regarding log4j vulnerability appeared on Friday.

In case you did not see it yet have a look


Thank god I avoid java XD


variable expansion inside variables, no wonder the devs wanted the feature removed years ago.

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During the weekend I tried to figure out what the impact of the remote code execution of log4j is. log4j is a popular logging library which is widely used. Remote code execution or RCE can be used to execute malicious or bad code.

If your company uses a Java component, then there is a chance that it uses log4j. This component could be present in the software of a supplier.

Explaining to a manager: we might need to replace some screws in the car, but we don’t know which ones.

For the people who love to fix things:


If you want to try it out and see what the impact is John Hammond prepped a TryHackMe box, which will become available soon:

Then you can try it out yourself, with a walkthrough even if required :wink:

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What a game!


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You can now try to exploit it yourself, mitigate it and patch it on TryHackme:

Yesterday I noticed that NCSC-NL, National Cyber Security Centre - Netherlands, is looking at Log4J on this Dutch web page:

This page contains a link to an English github listing programs, which have been investigated or are being investigated on the presence of the vulnerability of Log4J:

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It’s not a sprint.
I don’t know Java at all well, and am pretty new on the security scene too , but it’s worth noting that as a backdoor, this is not just an issue in public back-ends. It can “rotate” through almost any 3rd party api integrations too.