Effective analysis of Jmeter load test report?

I have seen many of the recommendations of Jmeter tool for the performance testing, especially load testing of APIs. Now, I’m using this and I have gone through many of the articles to get the details to analyze my report whether it is up to the mark or not, but I couldn’t be able to succeed.

Any help will be appreciated related to the understanding of Jmeter result/reports.

Hi @rahimkhan :wave: could you provide a few more details on this? What have you read so far? What are you not succeeding with? That’ll help people provide you with more detailed support early on :slight_smile:

Hi @heather_reid, Oh yeah, definitely. Actually I couldn’t understand the ideal throughput against a particular load test. Like if I say, I have 100 threads with a ramp up period of 10, which means 10 requests/Sec will hit the server. So, my throughput should be around 10. But in case of the ultimate thread group our number of requests will not be identified like in simple threads.So, how can I identify my request/sec in this case. Few questions to identify like
What is an ideal throughput for a load test.? Or simply
What are the actual criteria to mark the performance.?