Embedded functional black box testing-Recommended tools

Hi Folks,
In our organization we are using labview test stand based framework for product functional verification(HIL Testing).
We face challenges in integrating with Devops environment for continuous testing.
Do we have any other HIL automation test tools available for embedded product functional black box testing with possible integration with Devops.
Suggestions and inputs are welcome.


I will offer my short answer.

The short answer is, I have no idea, and you may want to ask National Instruments for advice (I don’t know about where you are, but the NI sales team here is nothing short of amazing for helping to find solutions).

Since you are using NI products, I would suggest going to the NI forums:

They have a LOT more experience with this kind of thing than we would.

(Also, not knowing if you looked there already: http://www.ni.com/tutorial/55231/en/ has helped me when I worked with NI tools AND we wanted to do CI)

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Also no.

My experiences:

  1. I have previously used a tool that had a sockets API/SDK (connection over cat5/ethernet) to allow controlling a USB Simulator. The simulator allowed packet recording and playback and some basic control via the API. We had to write a C++ (windows based) plugin that sat underneath a python wrapper and just converted the tcpip socket messages to python function calls/values. All tests were written in python/robot - and it was great because aside from some debugging of the SDK and plugin ,90% of the testing was done in Python. So automated, but not CI/CD, since this is going back 16 years

  2. Built some tests into a test framework based once again on (UDP this time) sockets as an layer, but this time plugging directly into CXXTest. This homebrewed framework once again let us control a specific device in a role-based testing framework of our own design.

Hardware verification tools normally do support some automation, but it’s normally not the kind that you can allow to run in the middle of the night without resolving problems like unmounting,provisioning SD storage cards, and then physically re-mounting them for example was one exercise I failed to automate in one job. Anything is possible, and will depend on how useful it is to automate in the end, often a simulation will cost much less.