Empathy maps of Mentees and Mentors

Hi, mentors!

Once again thanks to all of you for attending our SWTC Mentor session and your contributions. We found all of them very valuable and we hope to see you helping our students in our future sessions.

I have collated your contributions to our Mentee and Mentor empathy maps and created an SWTC empathy map for both that I want to share with your and future mentors. If you are unsure what an empathy map, here are some details.

Take a look and let me know what you think

  • Are these maps useful for you as mentors?
  • Is there anything missing in them?
  • What other materials would you like to help you be a better mentor?

Mentees empathy map

Mentors empathy map


Hi all,

Once again thanks for the contributions to the maps. This has all been collated into a page for Mentors on the SWTC site, check it out and send me any feedback: http://www.softwaretestingclinic.com/swtc-mentor-guide/

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Hey @mwinteringham,

thanks for sharing. This is very helpful material for the SWTC mentors but also mentors in general!

I will spend some more time with the material, since I unfortunately missed the session on mentoring, to be prepared for upcoming sessions.

Thanks again,

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