End of Year Testing Goals

As the summer starts to wind down, lots of children are heading back to school soon (at least in the UK). It’s time to start thinking about end of year goals, either checking in with your goals for the year and how they’re progressing or setting new ones to achieve before the year is out.

The question is, what are your testing goals? How are you making your goals measurable? Are you breaking it down to make it more manageable?

Some folks replied to the twitter question


Impress my boss, I honestly want to surpass their expectations cause a lot of people don’t understand my position since I am the first Test Engineer in this company’s history.


Oh wow, that’s a lot of responsibility as the first Test Engineer. Have you decided how you’re going to surpass their expectations? I’m a fan of having goals I can measure, otherwise the mental fatigue hits when it seems endless and I can give up. So small goals helps me. How are you planning it? Have you thought about ways to share an understanding of your job so people “get it”?


I now learn, study, and try to understand as much as I can. Mental fatigue doesn’t happen as long as I take my breaks. Ideally, I would go back to some of the other habits that help me work longer and do more, but they are impossible in this setup. Some of the other goals I do have is to take up writing about Test Engineering. The typical papers of course, like Testing Philosophy, or Discrete Mathematics. I can’t just look inside the company to get better, I also need to look outside. When it comes to getting people to understand it, unfortunately, that will be a longer project. I can only do that when I have worked with them and shown them what I can do. Hopefully, with time I can make my mark and become a bigger help for my team.

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Implement 3 amigos into my squad and a stretch goal of writing 1 automated test for web.

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