Extracting test results chart, sorted by tester in Azure DevOps Test Plan

I’m a test manager and I use the Test Plan module of Azure DevOps to manage manual tests. I also use it for managing UAT execution. I typically have a large number of business users (10+) assigned as testers. When I generate charts to show how many tests are assigned to each tester, I find that the first 8 testers, with the highest number of assigned tests, were displayed, but the rest were clustered in a group called “Other”.

  1. Is there a way to have all of the testers displayed along with the number of tests assigned to each?
  2. Is there a way to extract the raw data from Azure DevOps, as a spreadsheet or CSV, so I can manipulate?
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Yes, to both of your questions.

You use Queries from the Work module. Once your query is returning the data you need, you can either see if generating charts from that query work for you, or you can use Excel with the Teams add-in to connect to your Azure DevOps query and retrieve the data for manipulation that way.


Thank Kate.
I’m not familiar with the “Work” module. There is however a “Queries” feature in the Boards module. But the Field options do not include Tester. The closest is Assigned To, but this is not the same as the person assigned to carry out the test.

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hi @goke, @katepaulk

just came by this. Hope you found a solution in the meantime. :slight_smile:

An alternative could be in the Test Plan module to create a folder structure of “Test Suites”. I often find it useful to have a suite/folder pr. person contributing. That makes it easier for the business users to get an overview. You can generate the same chart for each suite, and one aggregated on the top level for your overview.

Queries are tricky wrt. some of the fields on tests, also “test outcome” cannot be queried. I do hope they fix that someday. :thinking: Exporting a test suite is possible, but the output is not really suited for further processing.


Thanks for the feedback