Final bits for TestBash Brighton

Food Requests:

Got a dietary request? We will supply vegetarian options as standard, if there is anything in specific you cannot eat we will do our best to accommodate. Please email with any requests.

Pay It Forward: Donate a Book to Software Testing Clinic

We partnered up with the Software Testing Clinic because they are doing amazing things for new testers and mentors of those testers. Perhaps as a community we can give back? They’ve been keen to donate books to attendees of their regular meetups. These are mostly people new to the world of testing that need a confidence boost to learn about testing and often help them get their first real testing job. Rather than shedding out money on brand new books, why don’t we as a community donate some?

Got a testing book lying about, then I ask you to consider donating it to Software Testing Clinic. Just hand it into registration or to one of our volunteers on the day. We will then ensure it goes to a person excited to learn more about testing.


If you are driving please take note that there is no parking at the venue. There are plenty of NCP car parks in the area. One at Brighton Station, Trafalgar Street and London Road are good examples of local ones. Please check pricing before you park!

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