First Speakers Club

Slight Edit: I don’t want people to think that they are excluded from this; it doesn’t really matter if you’re speaking or not, if you’ve been to every TestBash or this is your first one. If you need a group to join, find us/me

Hey everyone,

This is my first TestBash as a speaker - it’s also my first ever public speaking engagement. I was thinking about it over the weekend and whilst this situation is completely alien to me and I’m a mixture of nervous and terrified I also understand that I’m not the only one in this position.

I wanted to put something out there for all the other people in this situation, speakers who feel nervous or alone, people who either haven’t spoken at TestBash before or haven’t publicly spoken before. Even if you have spoken before, if you’re feeling nervous and want a similar group to talk to, this might be something for you.

During the first part of the Wednesday meetup I thought it would be nice to gather together, get to know each other and generally reassure each other. I’m a big advocate for supporting each other and being a sufferer of mental health issues I know it can be difficult to shake that feeling that you’re all alone in this but you’re not. The Testing Community is there for you.

What: Meetup for people
When: Wednesday 3rd April - 18:00 onwards
Where: Clarendon Centre, Brighton (where the Wednesday Meetup is)
Who: I guess I’d be the point of contact for it. I’m mikesmith_sh on Twitter and I’ve tried to update all my profile pictures so they actually


Great idea count me in :raised_hands:t2:

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Hi Mike,
First time speaking at test bash too .
I will be around for the week, may not be able to attend the Meetups.
But Hopefully we get to chat in the coming days :slight_smile:

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Pleasure to meet you Conor - if you see me at any point during the event please do not hesitate to talk to me, I’m totally okay with that and I’d rather speak to more people than not. I’m really looking forward to your talk on Exploring Other Disciplines - it’s something that I’ve found really interesting and enlightening in the past - you’re going to do amazing!

Really looking forward to meeting you Matt, if you can’t make the actual meetup please don’t hesitate to just grab me for a chat at any point during the event. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike.
Looking forward to your talk on the craft of testing too. Looks like we have had similar experiences in the last 2 years.