First talk at MOT Leeds meet up 23rd May 2019 - HELP!

So I’m talking at my first meet up in a week and have re written my talk so many times!!

I know there are loads of people out there who have given talks at meet ups. but lets see if anyone else can give some insight or support…

please can i ask you 1 question…

If you could go back in time and tell your yourself something that would of made the talk better what would it be?

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Hello @scottkenyon!

I like to practice the presentation. I want to be familiar with when to transition a slide, where to place gestures, and where to provide vocal emphasis. However, I tend to over prepare for presentations. So, I would tell myself to practice a little less.

Also, I tend to speak faster during the actual presentation. So, hey self, slow down and enjoy!


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The one thing is, practice it out loud. What happens in your head is much different to what happens when you say it out loud. You don’t run out of breath on long sentences in your head. You are generally more eloquent in your head. Things mostly make sense in your head and all these things change when you say then out loud.

Good luck @scottkenyon you will be awesome! :smile:

Related to what @adystokes said, when you do practice it out loud, record yourself do it. Even if it is just the audio of you speaking, it helps you know if you are going too fast/slow, are clear in your words, stumbling lots, etc.

I didn’t do it the first time I spoke, but did more research for my second and third Meetup talk, and found it helped give me a better flow, as well as helping me learn what parts of my talk I was weaker on.

One thing I will reinforce is that Meetups are a safe place to do this. So if it goes well, wonderful. If not, people will offer you feedback if you want it, but you won’t be boo’d or heckled, it isn’t a comedy club.