Full programme for previous year's TestBashes

I am currently putting together a portfolio for my career as a blog post. I’m linking wherever possible to my appearances at conferences and meetups. Prior to TestBash Home I’d only done 99-second talks or a workshop in 2017. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prove I was on the bill for 2017 as there isn’t a programme page.
Would it be possible to add these? Or the speaker page (I realise this is probably a lot more work).


Hi Shey, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We’ll definitely look into this next year.
For now, I found the schedule for the workshops at Brighton 2017 and hope it helps you for now.

As for the 99-Second Talks, you should be able to look back at the recordings as a Pro Member.
Let me know if you need anything else for now. :wink: