TestBash World Thread

Hi friends - in preparation for our company’s TBW watch party, I am proxying 2 questions:

  1. here in Philly in the EST time zone, will the videos of the previous talks that happened before our watch party be available to view in lieu of watching the live stream?

  2. how will the 99-sec talks work virtually? people are curious about submitting a talk or doing one live.

Cheers and thank you!



I’m not sure of exact plans for TBW, but I know I takes some effort to get the videos on demand, and for past test bash events it’s typically been a few weeks before they are available.

@dianadromey might know more.

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@fullsnacktester thanks for the nudge here!

@mtomlins That is correct, recordings of all the talks will take around 1 or 2 weeks to be made available on our site. Once the event finishes, we have to download all the stage recordings, cut all the parts that matter, stitch things together again and request captions for the live parts.

As for the 99-Second Talks during TestBash World, we will be asking attendees to add their names via our Q&A app called Slido. When this ‘virtual queue’ starts the host will give the green light to start adding their names. We will then go through the list, in order of appearance and send individual eCamm links to those invited to join the main stage. All instructions and links will be provided by the host at the time.

Hope this helps, let me know if there’s anything else I can help with ahead of the event.

Many thanks,