Gaining Experience when you need Experience

How have/would people go about building up their experience in an area without direct exposure to that area?

For example I want to get working experience of API Testing but current role has no need for it at this time.


Never allow your company to be responsible for your career development. You can let them help you but you have to be the one in charge.

If you’re wanting to learn something that you do not need in your current company, then you have two options:

  1. Convince your company that you do, in fact, need it and then be trained on the company dime.
  2. Learn it in your free time. There are generally free or very cheap resources for most things.

TAU has a really good API testing course

it makes use of both postman and restful booker (which is extremely well documentated)
All free you’d just need to sign up.
There are also some decent starter courses on there too for various languages, automation tools and different types of testing.