Github Repos for Testing

Just last week Chris Kenst posted a tweet asking

He has subsequently released a blog post called 9 GitHub Lists for Testing.

My personal favourite is awesome-testing compiled by TheJambo. James welcomes additions to this should you have items you think have been missed from it.

Some other cool suggestions from people in the thread are:

  1. Bug Magnet Chrome extension by Gojko Adzic.
  2. A library called faker which generates fake data (names, addresses, and phone numbers).
  3. Battery Historian a tool to analyze battery consumption on Android

I’ve not used all of the repos suggested in the blog from Chris and the replies but, so far, it’s looking like a really useful list.

Do you have any other Github repos that you think have been missed? I’m sure there are tonnes but maybe you have a go to set or one that is always open on a tab in your browser.


A reply on Twitter

Also a WebDevelopersSecurityChecklist I stumbled across on Slack.

Maybe it will be useful for someone:

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Chris has posted a new blog 18 GitHub Projects for Testing.

I’ve also stumbled across Awesome-Hacking.

Want to scan your HTTP headers for Security? Its simple. Just do this :wink:
// Install Python
// Clone or Download hsecscan from github
// Once downloaded, unzip the file and save it in a location of your preference
// Open your terminal (On Mac or Windows) and navigate to the folder where you have unzipped hsecscan-master
// Run “python -u

And then you can see the result in your terminal.

So I have created a fair few repo’s myself some to practise testing against and some to help with testing:

Repos to practise testing:

Repos to aid testing:


I have put up example code for testing a REST API here (click ‘show original’ to invoke formatting):

It’s part of the larger project RubyTest:

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