Got a Wish? Take the Lead!


I didn’t want to respond inside the I wish testing topic directly since my thoughts were more in response to the content.

I respect the content and have seen and felt many of those things where I work. However, through a testing community effort within our organization, we have addressed some of them and there are still some that are challenging. A culture shift is not easy and not quick but it is possible.

When I read through the wishes, I saw them as opportunities. They are an opportunity for the poster as well as an opportunity for us all. I encourage you to approach it as a personal project. You have a wish that is now a goal.

Many of the goals are large. So, decompose it into small, measurable tasks. Share your plan with your manager, with the developers’ manager, and with your business team. Engage at least one other person in your project. Prioritize and execute.

Will it go smoothly? No, but you have been on projects like that before. Persevere. Will you get frustrated? Yes and frequently (I still do) but you’re a tester so you’re tough. Will it be scary? Yup - embrace the fear. Will a task fail? Possibly but I believe that means the task may have been too large. Could it be decomposed further?

An agile methodology is about experimenting and discovering things that provide value. It is also not just for software development. Your wish will provide value and you can approach it in an agile fashion. Define your tasks and build on small successes.

I look forward to hearing about wishes that come true!



This is great advice. It’s easy to wish for things then feel down that those wishes don’t come true. However, the reality is people need to take lots of little bits of action to make the wishes come true.

It makes me want to take people’s wishes and create some lists/ideas on how to make them come true! :smiley: