Hands on, highly technical, risk based, product investigation and evaluation?

I threw this out there in a conversation when someone mentioned testing to try and clarify understanding and to try and get us on the same page.

I am not trying to get buy in to those terms, that would be a bit of an Everest as its an over engineered mouthful.

However it does convey what a lot of the testers I am working with do on a day to day basis and occasionally I notice some of those elements can be casually missed or even dismissed at times.

So my question is more of curiosity, for those that do a reasonable amount of hands on testing, is it close to that or something completely different?

If its close to that, is that understood with those you work with and if not do you do anything special to help others better understand that level of contribution?


A few of them not all is what i can say from my experience.

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Testing=> Interactive, Technical, Risk-centric, Product investigation and Reporting
Dustman=>Surface Sanitation Engineer

Yep, it fits for me too. Well put Andrew

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Book clubs and touring mind maps are a quick easy way to contribute. We all become a little stale over time due the same common tasks. Try to persist on any skills you want to improve.

Speak, write, and teach.

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