Hands-on training for testing newbie


I’m taking the ISTQB Foundation level exam next week.

For after I’ve done that, can anyone recommend hands-on training courses where I can learn some practical skills that testers actually use in their day jobs please?

This is to help improve my CV and increase the chance of getting an entry-level job.

Perhaps a course that covers test case preparation, manual execution skills, defect management and reporting (?)

Recommendations of course and/or provider are welcome !

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If cost is no object RST covers all of those things. It would improve a CV if I were hiring from it. The slides and appendices are available for free, but there’s much more value in attending the course. The course has practical exercises and experiential learning. I’ve attended the course and I highly recommend it. It’s also great fun!



One of my objectives in life is to attend black box software testing (BBST) courses:

I haven’t jumped in yet, but from what I hear, they are quite good.


If cost is an issue, the BBST course materials are available at bbst.info. I think the guided group aspect through AST is valuable, but I’ve done some of the materials in a self guided manner as well.

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Thanks for your replies, much appreciated.

The RST course and the ‘Test Design’ course (from the AST) look interesting.

However, the RST course doesn’t seem to be available in the UK anytime soon. And the AST course requires that you do another course to qualify for it.

Still, worth considering.

Does it have to be a course?
Joining one of the many crowd sourcing testing platforms like utest, bugfinders, crowd sourced testing… could be a good thing to put on your CV as well by getting you practical experience of testing.


I recommend any #ministry-of-testing:30-days-of-testing challenge, here:

Also have a look here:


Thanks, some interesting ideas in Tim Ebie’s posts there.

I’ve come across Planit in Reading who offer a Bootcamp with the possibility of a job at the end of the course. Does anyone know about Planit? I don’t know whether they are legit or not.