Improve skills for Fresher

Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a productive day.

I would like to ask for your advice on improving my skills.
I am a person who is not an information technology major. I only took a short-term course on Testing in 2022 and I also had a 6-month internship at a company specializing in software. However, due to some issues I had to temporarily postpone it.

Last month I got back into Testing, I practiced writing test cases using websites like Amazon based on the knowledge I learned before, I didn’t know I had Have I applied methods like BVA, Equivalence,… to my test suite or not because I just open the website and write whatever I think.

I’m starting to submit my job application and I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on this stage? While waiting for results, is there anything I can do to improve my skills? Where can I practice more? Because to be honest, I still feel very vague about my abilities.


As practitioner of Rapid Software Testing I suggest to read about it. They have also some practical tips, and here (especial look at “Observe your own testing”, but read at least the whole side):

Some ideas:

  • test a open source projects (or any other software, but you can more easily look into that one)
    • look at existing issues and think and note about you would have test them (and maybe carry that out)
    • really test the project and create bug issues when you find some
  • by RST:
    • learn the product by creating a Product Coverage Outline (PDF) (could also be just a subsection)
    • then test deeply to find potential bugs (maybe trying Session-Based Test Management?)
    • try creating a report for management even if you would not show it to anyone
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Hi @n9uyenm1nh ,

Welcome to the community. :wave:

Good luck finding your next opportunity. I’m excited for you! A software testing/QA/quality engineering career can be super rewarding.

I recommend starting with this collection of helpful advice from the community:

Software Testing Essentials: Resources for Beginners

I would recommend reading Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Team by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory. I would practice testing by testing the websites of companies that you would like to work for. You can report to them the bugs that you find and say that you would like to work for them.

Hi there! Maybe this article would be somehow useful for you too, I hope it’ll just give you some structure in the learning process and help you to concentrate on one particular thing at a time and draw a whole picture of what it takes to be or to become a QA/Testing professional :blush:

for practicing I think you can try to find some resources here Products, places, apps and websites to practice software testing wiki