Seeking internship opportunities

Hello everyone, my name is Dennis. I am a baby (QA) just stepping into IT world. I have learnt manual testing certification course, I am now looking for an internship role to get experience and develop my skills in it. I donโ€™t mind if it isnโ€™t paid. Best regard :pray:

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Hi Dennis.
Not sure if my advice will be helpful for you. I can share my experience.
3 years ago I had no any testing experience (real projects). I just got ISTQB certification and did some relevant online courses. I was looking for internship. I tried to apply for entry jobs and internships on Jobs sites. That did not work.
Then I went to FB and found startups group. Posted a message saying that I am looking for an opportunity to get experience as a tester-intern. I got 2-3 responses and started to work with a small startup.
Initially I worked just 1 day per week remotely. As time passes and I got more experience and proved that I can bring value to the team I got more days to work and at some point they started me to pay.
Since that time my career was gradually growing (skills and salary). Itโ€™s been 1.5 years now since I found full time job. It is challenging job but I am getting a good feedback from my team.

When I look back, I think it was a good decision to find that 1st internship.

I hope that helps. Good luck :slight_smile:


This is so helpful but what group would you suggest for me to follow on FB maybe I can get an intern job because i believe through consistently working and Team support I will gain more experience from that. Thanks