Senior tester looking for a career mentor

Hey everyone! I’ve been a tested for 10+ years now. Mostly in the Digital Marketing space and testing CMS.
I have growing my career myself but would love to have someone help guide me and mentor me in maybe getting farther ahead.
I’ve been doing manual and automation testing for years. I’ve been wanting to be more of a test coach. So just looking for someone to help guide me maybe in that transition or guiding me on my career path.
Thank you for your time!


@jneedham - I am genuinely curious about your situation. Could you please tell us why you are looking for a mentor at this stage in your career? Without that info, it would be impossible to suggest something useful. Anyway, I can think of some reasons as to why someone would seek a mentor at this stage :

(1) They have done well in their career, but now need help to make a major leap in their career.

(2) They may have a lot of years of experience, but they haven’t progressed much in their career in terms of diversity of experience (different domains, types of testing etc.), responsibilities and pay?

(3) None of the above reasons?

Which one of these reasons applies to you? I am guessing reason (2), but I am not sure.

HI @raghu
It would be #1. I have been doing lots of different types of testing and have been sole QA and the lead QA on hundreds of projects.
I feel I’ve hit a good peak about learning and doing in my career. And need some guidance from someone who would be able to help me.