Looking for a mentor?

(Rosie) #1

Why not respond to this thread and see if someone gets in touch?

It would be helpful if you could explain:

  • who you are
  • what you think you need help with
  • where you want to get to
  • how to get in contact with you

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(Oluwaseun) #2


I would like a mentor to take me through the process of automation using selenium

(Kristine) #3

hi @exo.2600 ! does it have to be Selenium or you would like to learn also on other tool, but which is build on selenium?

(Oluwaseun) #4

@Kristine It doesn’t have to be selenium alone, i would also like to learn on other tools.

Thank you

(Ruby) #5

Could we share a mentor, if we are all interested in learning the same thing ie Selenium and other automation tools.

(Alastair) #6

Who I am: Ali, a software tester based in Edinburgh. I have just over 3 years software testing experience (my first 1.5 years were as a Games Tester).

What I think I need help with: Continuous integration/delivery testing. I’m completely new to it, and it’s where my current company are striving for. I would like to talk to someone with experience in this area. I’m thinking; what types of tests to run, when to run them, which environments to run them in.

Where I would like to get to: I would like to gain an understanding of how other testers have handled CI/CD. This doesn’t have to be a long-term mentoring relationship. This is new to the whole company I work for, I’m aiming to gain as much knowledge as possible.

How to get in touch with me: @ali_hill91 on Twitter. alastair.hill0@gmail.com if you would prefer email. I can set up Skype audio calling/screen sharing if this is useful.


(Huib) #7

Who I am:
Huib Schoots. Software tester for 20 years. I am a consultant, tester and coach helping organisations, teams and individuals to improve their skills and the way they work. My goal is to make testing better, faster and more fun!

I am a regular speaker on international conferences and also one of 5 Rapid Software Testing instructors. I am not looking for a mentor, I am offering my help to anybody interested. I do Skype coaching (see: my blog). Although I like to work with many different people to learn from each other and create stuff that helps develop our craft.

What I think I can help you with:
Testing, context-driven testing, Rapid Software Testing, testing in agile, public speaking, storytelling, visualisation, test strategy, skill development, personal development, coaching, etc, etc.

Where I would like to get to:
I myself am currently diving into tool supported testing (aka test automation, but I do not really like that name). I want to learn more about automating check, get some experience with several tool and improve (or deforst) my programming and scripting skills.

How to get in touch with me:
@huibschoots on twitter
huibschoots on skype

Let me know if I can help you… Looking forward to work with enthusiastic people.

(srinivas) #8

Who I am:
Srinivas Kadiyala. Software tester since 5 years.

I am looking for mentor on below topics:

  1. Programming
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Automation
  4. API Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Mobile Testing

How to get in touch with me:
Email/Skype: srinivas.skc30@gmail.com

(Kaarel) #9

Who you are?
My name is Kaarel Rebase. I’m quite new to software testing, been praticing it for 1,5 years.

What you think you need help with?
I think I need help with personal goals and how to go forward from. I think my current biggest problem is that I work in a small company where I am the only tester. Maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Where you want to get to?
I want to be a lead of testing team in 2-5 years. I what to know what skills should I learn and what actions should I take to achieve my goals.

How to get in contact with you?
My contacts are Skype: Karulkz, email: kaarel.rebase@gmail.com.
I live in Tallinn, Estonia.

(Michael) #11

Hoping this thread isn’t dead.

Who am I: Michael, started off as tech support and UAT tester, moved into pure UAT, then system testing, followed by QA engineer and now QA lead. Have been doing testing/QA for the last nine years.

What I think I need help with: Due to the nature of my work, it can be vary from day to day, apps can range from social media to financial to kid games app and pretty much everything in between (due to my work I can’t name names for all of the clients). So what I need help with is coming up is

  • Automation. Myself and another tester here have had some success with the automation on mobile (with the help of the friendly tester himself). We have test running, a basic framework set up in Java and can run tests on multiple devices at once. So now we’re looking to get a better framework set up to go down the route of BDD. Also want to integrate with the AWS farm to give us more devices coverage.

  • CI. I might not be able to do CI on every project we use for various different reasons, but would like to learn and do so, mainly so I can control the quality of the builds I get.

  • Security testing. Feel this would would be a good area to get involved with, and want to make our apps more secure

  • Leadership. Quite new to being a lead, though its going well, wouldn’t mind some advice on it.

Where I want to get to: Want to be able to build up my expertise in the above, so I can use automation more for projects, having the ability to integrate these tests into a CI environment, making sure the app is as secure as possible. Ideally want to build up my knowledge in each area so that I may be able to give talks to a TestBash or other events in the future.

How to get in touch with me. I’m on twitter @Michael_Dixon83, LinkedIn [here](https://www.linkedin.com/in/qaengineermichaeldixon19.com and on email at michael.dixon1@gmail.com. I’m based in Dublin, Ireland.

(nicola) #12

Do you have a mentor yet?

(Aidan) #13

who you are
Hi my name is Aidan
I have been involved in testing in some form , from electronic bench to software, for the last 30 years.

At the moment I’m an Software Developer in Test for the last 5 year developing test automation frameworks with c# and java.

what you think you need help with

I’m trying to test for security vulnerabilities using Zed attack proxy api in c#.

where you want to get to

I want to be familiar enough to create full vulnerability test using ZAP on “secure” dotnet web applications.
i.e. passive scan, spider and active scan

how to get in contact with you

Email: aidan.mc.donel@gmail.com
Twitter: @aidan_mc

(Delvis) #14

Who am I
My name is Delvis Echeverria. I am Computer Science Engineer and Master in Science Software Quality, 8 Year of experience in Quality Assurance and Software Testing. ISTQB CTFL.

What I think I can help you with
Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Functional Testing, Jmeter, Selenium Webdriver.

How to get in touch with me
email: delvisecheverria@gmail.com

(Ray) #15


I’m a student graduating my Bachelors of Computer Science (in Australia) soon and want to pursue a career in SQA and Testing. But ‘the World’ and ‘society’ feels like a very daunting and scary place and I was wondering if someone would be able to mentor me into becoming a good Software Tester or QA person :slight_smile:

I’ve learnt a little bit about the basic theory of SQA and testing from university and small projects, but I don’t feel like it’s enough to get me a job as an entry-level “Junior Software Test Engineer”, “Junior Test Analyst”, etc. The languages I feel sort of confident are Python and Java.

Who I am? A student with near-zero industry experience in testing
What I Think I Need Help With Getting started, more specifically learning how to use some tools like Selenium or other necessary tools.
Where I want to get: A state where I can stand with my own two feet
How to get in contact with me:
email: ray.cho94@hotmail.com
discord: XRCO#0568

What Else Do I Want? Just to get to know more people around the world with great stuff to share.

Thank you all for reading, and hope to get to talk to you soon!

(Sharon) #16

I would like a mentor to help me with software testing. I am very slowly moving into software testing after only having admin and project support experience for the past 21 years. I have been working with one web-based system which I was already familiar with but am not progressing far due to there being no other testers on this team and no mentoring or training being undertaken by the company I work for.

I am looking for someone who can help me as I definitely feel more like I am just checking question text, answer options and data analysis outcomes rather than actual software testing. I am being asked to test more complicated systems now but am totally clueless on what I should be doing.

The forthcoming testing requirements will involve testing different user access levels as well as user subscription purchases which may or may not integrate with an automatic subscription purchase software and I am completely out of my depth.

(nicola) #17

Hey Sharon @sharonb

Feel free to get in touch :slight_smile: deament@gmail.com

Also, where are you based? (just so I know about time differences for IM and calls) I’m based in Sweden

(Sharon) #18

Thank you so much, I am based in England.

(Jim) #19

Who am I An experienced tester, but have been on moderately established teams previously, now working as a solo tester on a small team that is about to start building a scientific data collection system.
What I think I need help with Selecting tools to build and manage automated tests. (I’m leaning toward pytest and Jenkins, but need some way of organizing tests and executing them based on triggers.)
Where I want to get to I want to build a simple framework for automated test design, implementation, execution and reporting. I’m not sure what additional piece would cover the management side of things (adding metadata to tests, storing results for reporting, choosing which tests to run based on triggers)
How to get in touch with me jimarnow@gmail.com

(Kim) #20

Hi to all,

Who am I?

Good question. I am a tester who for the last 5 years has basically been a solo tester within large enterprise teams and startup environment. Just about everything I have learned has been by trying to figure out the next logical step of progression as I have only worked with developers and the occasional test contractor.

What I think I need help with?

It’s been an excellent steep learning curve now I am looking for direction as there are so many things to learn out there.

Where do I want to get to?

Currently, I am learning robot automation framework as predominately I am a manual tester with lots of stakeholder/tech communication & defect management skills. I definitely want to be an all-rounder type of tester. Some information about:
• Pen & Security
• Performance/Load
• Greenfield set up around test strategies & plan documentation - ie how do you get all the information you need when you’re the new contract kid on the team?
• New contract - what would be the first 10 things you do to start getting an understanding of what you need to set up
• How do you make sure you have ALL the right information if I am required to create Complex User Stories

How to get in contact with me

Please email me k.nepata@yahoo.com

(Maggie) #21

Who am I?

  • I am a tester with four (going on five) years of experience. Two of those years were spent working for a crowdsource test firm which worked with various clients across different industries. The remaining two involved testing for a large ecommerce site dedicated to selling unique goods. At this company (about 1000 employees at its peak), I was a member of a dedicated test team which covered web and mobile testing for different product teams.
  • At the current company I work for, I am the QA Analyst for a product team. Each product team has a QA Analyst. This company provides Software-as-a-Service for human resources for medium-size companies.

What I need help with

  • As a woman and an introvert, I find that I have trouble being more assertive with the team I am working with. There isn’t a lot of knowledge across the organization on testing and what the role of QA entails. I want to help towards improving communication between myself and the rest of my team and also build efforts towards improving testing at the company I am employed at. In addition, I am a supporter of the context-driven school of testing but I find that there are gaps in my knowledge and these gaps need to be filled in order to be a better and more efficient tester.

Where I want to get to

  • Short-run: I want to build relationships in my current team, between QA Analysts, and with more people in my field. I also want the team I am on to have a better understanding of my role and what it entails. By the next project I have there will a general understanding of when to involve QA, what planning involves, and better clarity around expectations.

  • Medium-run: I want to better promote myself.

  • Long-run: Get testing to a point at the current company that it becomes natural and comprehensive - sorry that this is vague would have to explain 1:1

Best way to contact me

  • Feel free to send me a private message on this forum. I will provide my email and further contact info there.